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Online learning and employment support platform supporting careers in technology & artificial intelligence.

DASH Platform

Training Courses

Access to in-depth and self-contained training courses combining theoretical rigour with relevant hands-on exercises covering subjects in software & data engineering, data science and artificial intelligence.

Modern Technologies

Learn to design, build and test cutting-edge software and artificial intelligence systems utilising the latest technologies.

Classroom-based Training

Expert instructor-led classroom-based training with the option of additional 1:1 virtual tutoring.

Our Training Courses
Classroom-based Training
Employment Support

Employment Support

Personalised and dedicated employment support for both existing professionals and job seekers who are looking to establish or progress careers in technology, data and artificial intelligence.

Personalised Support

Job boards, CV & covering letter templates, CV review service and 1:1 support with job applications and interview preparations in consultation with our work coaches.

Virtual Campus

Access to an active community of coders, data scientists, technology professionals, work coaches and employers.


Learner Feedback

Classroom atmosphere

The return to a classroom atmosphere - I've not been taught in a classroom for the last few years, and I feel that I improved faster than I would have just studying on my own.

Dedicated 1:1 support

Even an oldie like me can be taught to code! It was presented in a clear way and I think keeping the number of attendees to a small group allowed for more effective one-on-one time.

Best AI course for beginners

Best explanation of artificial intelligence that I've ever received, with really interesting and stimulating case studies and exercises, highly recommended for anyone starting to learn about AI!

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Digital Skills Hub

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What courses do you offer?

We offer in-depth and self-contained courses covering subjects in software & data engineering, data science and artificial intelligence. For a complete list of courses, please visit our Digital Training page.

2. How do I sign up?

Registration with the DASH platform is undertaken through employers and local government bodies. If you are an existing professional, please speak with your employer. If you are a job seeker claiming benefits, please contact your work coach.

3. How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible pricing model that takes into account your specific learning requirements and the number of people that will be registered, with significant discounts for job seekers claiming benefits. Please ask your employer or work coach to get in touch with us to discuss your learning requirements and subsequent pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions